Ooh Can I Touch It?


Predetermined Length

Above video is Cipriani of UrbanBushBabes talking about predetermined length for our hair. I guess I've never been "bald headed" (I know I'm ratchet) but my hair has always teetered around shoulder length. I'm at this point right now where my hair is flirting with Arm Pit Length so I'm getting pretty excited about how long it will grow. Well genetically speaking it's gonna be a bit harder for me to reach long lengths according to Cipriani, who has very long afro textured hair. She says on average our hair growth cycles last between 2-6 years, and on average we grow about 1/2 an inch a month so at minimum the average person will see 12 inches every two years.  Watch the video for the rest of her explanation. Not to mention her style is crazy. Animal print sweater paired with denim and embellished belt? I need her closet ASAP.

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Michelle Obama's Fringe

Michelle Obama upgraded and updated her hair in a major way. I am in love with her new bangs. They're youthful, feminine and playful. I was made fun of my my coworkers in college for having such an easy major that I have time to change my hair so much. *Insert chuckle* Who says our hair has to be the same day in and day out? It seems to be all that everyone can talk about. Our FLOTUS is just flawless. I particularly love the look in the red Zac Posen dress that she wore on her birthday, January 17th. I wonder what other looks she will be gracing us with this second term.


Biitter Rant

Maybe I am a hater but do you ever get jealous of a child that has long hair? At the DMV yesterday the place was full of children running rampant. A lot of the little children had long luscious hair. I'm talking about 5 year olds and younger. There was one girl in particular, cutest little thing, she had waist length wavy hair with natural highlights. And I, on the other hand, have never had waist length hair despite my many attempts to keep my hair healthy I've never reached those lengths. Now, I understand that there are genetic factors that dictate how long one's hair will grow if left alone. But why do so many black women (there I said it) have to go through leaps and bounds just to have reasonably medium length hair?

Out of all the women in the world black women spend the most on hair care and that is a fact. I know girls who don't moisturize or deep condition, who have long luscious locks. Afro texture hair also does not retain oil like other women's hair. Also, kinky hair tends to be dry and require much moisture throughout the day. Personally, I need to moisturize my hair multiple times a day and deep condition weekly. I should start deep conditioning twice a week and moisturizing even more because it is starting to get cool here in New England.

I guess I'm being jealous and petty. But I wish that taking care of afro texture hair wasn't so hard. And don't mistake me, my goal is not simply long hair. I want long, healthy and bouncy hair. I have this one section in the front of my head, where my hair is limp straight and dry --completely different texture than the rest of my head.   Our struggle is a unique one.  But when I reach my goals I will feel the greatest sense of accomplishment. 


NY Elements

Another day, another stretched fro
dressed up, to a party I go


How I created the twist out

I started with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. I made flat twists going downward from the center of my head. I made one twist in the front that came straight forward. It's pretty self explanatory. I left the ends of the twists in bandu knots until they were almost dry then I let them hang to elongate them. With twist outs it's all about your twisting technique, the dampness of your hair, and the parting pattern. I think this pattern suits me best. The hair naturally falls the way I want it to. How do you part your hair for your best twist outs?

Brooklyn Art Musèe!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Brooklyn Musèe to see the Keith Haring exhibit. It was nothing short of amazing. His pieces on the surface to some may seem superficial and simplistic but they are emotional and inspiring. There were so many people there just to see his artwork. It is running until July 8 so if you are in the NYC area then act fast!

After the museum we ate at Dee & Ricky's restaurant. The food and drinks were comforting and familiar. I went with the jerk chicken, he was a little more adventurous he got a salmon burger. We literally sat and sweated on Louis Vuitton.

Since I knew I was going to be out in the 90 degree weather wanted my hair to be carefree yet kempt. I opted for a simple twist out - 10 flat twists on each side with a part in the middle. I started my twist out with wet hair. And I kept it very simple. I've been using Taliah Waajid's 'Loc it Up' gel for my twists and twist outs. It has great hold without ickiness and stickiness of build up. It's necessary for me because I have too many different textures. Despite the heat and humidity my hair stayed intact for the entire trip. Anyway enough talking about it. Here's some pics.


After the Million Twist Twist Out

Last Wednesday after swimming (or splashing in the water) I decided to twist my hair while wet. I love wearing my hair in twists because I don't have to worry about styling it everyday. I also get a lot of compliments on the style as well. Tonight it was time for them to come out. A few twists at the nape of my scalp had began to ravel up like dred locs. I could rock this twist out style as is but my hair is filthy and needs a bath. After I wash and deep condition my hair I'm going to try a chunky braid out or something like that.
P.S. I'm back and I promise to post more! Stay tuned


2.29 Look What I Did Here

So I started the day with ambitions of braiding my hair in Solange/Patra/Poetic Justice braids in one day. I even went to the store and purchased the hair, but I slowly realized that braiding with extensions takes extended time, so I decided to do something with the hair on my head. I washed my hair with my favorite Shea Moisture Raw Shea butter shampoo then I decided to start some asymmetrical flat twist style. I think this style would hold better and last longer with braids but I'm not that skilled at cornbraiding sideways. After shampooing my hair I blow dried it a little, just so that it wasn't dripping wet. Then lathered my strands with jojoba oil, coconut oil and Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter. This is the end product. It only took me about 90 minutes to finish. Most of the time was spent parting my hair. I secured the ends of the flat twist (right before the twist comes off my scalp) with open faced bobby pins --they're like magic, voila. I'm not sure how long I will keep this style in but it is definitely fun and low maintenance. I'll be working on it more to perfect it. Soon enough I'll be able to try it with braids and smaller sections. Practice makes perfect.



 Last night while out at a local club with some friends this man ambushed me. He looked like the shorter twin of Guns and Roses guitarist, Slash. He came from behind me, yes behind me, grabbed my head/hair and said, "I love your hair!' and then he walked away as if nothing unusual had happened. Now, he probably felt that we had some kind of connection because my hair was in a curly style and so was his, but that does not warrant his unusually aggressive actions.
   I don't mind if familiar people touch my hair. I sometimes like it. But a stranger? In a bar? Who looks like Slash? Ehh no, not ever. I did appreciate the compliment, but I felt very threatened. *fists clenched* Why on earth would a stranger grab my head? I need to invest in a pair of brass knuckles to protect myself from these touchy feely men.
   The craziness is rising. Touching is a privilege, not a right. Has this happened to you? This unwarranted touching. I'm sure everyone has a handful of stories similar to mine. Share.