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Brooklyn Art Musèe!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Brooklyn Musèe to see the Keith Haring exhibit. It was nothing short of amazing. His pieces on the surface to some may seem superficial and simplistic but they are emotional and inspiring. There were so many people there just to see his artwork. It is running until July 8 so if you are in the NYC area then act fast!

After the museum we ate at Dee & Ricky's restaurant. The food and drinks were comforting and familiar. I went with the jerk chicken, he was a little more adventurous he got a salmon burger. We literally sat and sweated on Louis Vuitton.

Since I knew I was going to be out in the 90 degree weather wanted my hair to be carefree yet kempt. I opted for a simple twist out - 10 flat twists on each side with a part in the middle. I started my twist out with wet hair. And I kept it very simple. I've been using Taliah Waajid's 'Loc it Up' gel for my twists and twist outs. It has great hold without ickiness and stickiness of build up. It's necessary for me because I have too many different textures. Despite the heat and humidity my hair stayed intact for the entire trip. Anyway enough talking about it. Here's some pics.

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