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Biitter Rant

Maybe I am a hater but do you ever get jealous of a child that has long hair? At the DMV yesterday the place was full of children running rampant. A lot of the little children had long luscious hair. I'm talking about 5 year olds and younger. There was one girl in particular, cutest little thing, she had waist length wavy hair with natural highlights. And I, on the other hand, have never had waist length hair despite my many attempts to keep my hair healthy I've never reached those lengths. Now, I understand that there are genetic factors that dictate how long one's hair will grow if left alone. But why do so many black women (there I said it) have to go through leaps and bounds just to have reasonably medium length hair?

Out of all the women in the world black women spend the most on hair care and that is a fact. I know girls who don't moisturize or deep condition, who have long luscious locks. Afro texture hair also does not retain oil like other women's hair. Also, kinky hair tends to be dry and require much moisture throughout the day. Personally, I need to moisturize my hair multiple times a day and deep condition weekly. I should start deep conditioning twice a week and moisturizing even more because it is starting to get cool here in New England.

I guess I'm being jealous and petty. But I wish that taking care of afro texture hair wasn't so hard. And don't mistake me, my goal is not simply long hair. I want long, healthy and bouncy hair. I have this one section in the front of my head, where my hair is limp straight and dry --completely different texture than the rest of my head.   Our struggle is a unique one.  But when I reach my goals I will feel the greatest sense of accomplishment. 

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