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2.29 Look What I Did Here

So I started the day with ambitions of braiding my hair in Solange/Patra/Poetic Justice braids in one day. I even went to the store and purchased the hair, but I slowly realized that braiding with extensions takes extended time, so I decided to do something with the hair on my head. I washed my hair with my favorite Shea Moisture Raw Shea butter shampoo then I decided to start some asymmetrical flat twist style. I think this style would hold better and last longer with braids but I'm not that skilled at cornbraiding sideways. After shampooing my hair I blow dried it a little, just so that it wasn't dripping wet. Then lathered my strands with jojoba oil, coconut oil and Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter. This is the end product. It only took me about 90 minutes to finish. Most of the time was spent parting my hair. I secured the ends of the flat twist (right before the twist comes off my scalp) with open faced bobby pins --they're like magic, voila. I'm not sure how long I will keep this style in but it is definitely fun and low maintenance. I'll be working on it more to perfect it. Soon enough I'll be able to try it with braids and smaller sections. Practice makes perfect.

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