Ooh Can I Touch It?



 Last night while out at a local club with some friends this man ambushed me. He looked like the shorter twin of Guns and Roses guitarist, Slash. He came from behind me, yes behind me, grabbed my head/hair and said, "I love your hair!' and then he walked away as if nothing unusual had happened. Now, he probably felt that we had some kind of connection because my hair was in a curly style and so was his, but that does not warrant his unusually aggressive actions.
   I don't mind if familiar people touch my hair. I sometimes like it. But a stranger? In a bar? Who looks like Slash? Ehh no, not ever. I did appreciate the compliment, but I felt very threatened. *fists clenched* Why on earth would a stranger grab my head? I need to invest in a pair of brass knuckles to protect myself from these touchy feely men.
   The craziness is rising. Touching is a privilege, not a right. Has this happened to you? This unwarranted touching. I'm sure everyone has a handful of stories similar to mine. Share.

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