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Predetermined Length

Above video is Cipriani of UrbanBushBabes talking about predetermined length for our hair. I guess I've never been "bald headed" (I know I'm ratchet) but my hair has always teetered around shoulder length. I'm at this point right now where my hair is flirting with Arm Pit Length so I'm getting pretty excited about how long it will grow. Well genetically speaking it's gonna be a bit harder for me to reach long lengths according to Cipriani, who has very long afro textured hair. She says on average our hair growth cycles last between 2-6 years, and on average we grow about 1/2 an inch a month so at minimum the average person will see 12 inches every two years.  Watch the video for the rest of her explanation. Not to mention her style is crazy. Animal print sweater paired with denim and embellished belt? I need her closet ASAP.

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