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Black Hipsters and Natural Hair

It's a love affair. The two are synonymous. The very essence of being a hipster falls right in line with the natural hair sub-culture. Black hipsters love big naturally curly or kinky hair. And why not? It is the best accessory for cut-off shorts, flannel shirts, combat boots, and vintage cardigan sweaters. That fro would look great with my septum piercing! (jk) Having that extra pop at your crown can even take something as basic as a pair of scrubs look fun and interesting. It is the style of choice for most alternative sisters. For example, one of my favorite artists Solange Knowles really kicked up her edgy IDGAF style last year when she started rocking a small fro with strands from her own head. Her style also switched up a bit. Do all naturals/transitioning naturals go through this magical phase?
Kesh, Solange, and Jack Davey

Solange and Hipster


When I started wearing my hair naturally I felt like people started labelling me a hipster. The kids at my job even referred to me as a hippie. I don't agree with claims of being hipster (no hipsters do)--I just like to do things differently, mainly my hair. I looked around at all the other naturals my age, and they also looked like 'hipsters.' Personally, I don't think natural hair is all that outrageous or different --since it is in fact natural. What's outrageous to me is putting hydrogen peroxide on one's scalp. Being natural is about dealing with your natural hair without relying on chemical processing to make your hair more manageable. Being a hipster... well I don't know about that life, but it seems if you are a young woman with an afro, you're already half-way to hipster-dom.

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