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College is the Perfect Time

.. to go natural
A friend and I aprox. 2 months after my mini big chop

  1. Away from home, out of your comfort zone - you've flew the nest. Your parents will not see you everyday. Your old friends wont be seeing you either. This is a great time to reinvent yourself and perhaps do some things that you were previously intimidated by. For myself, going natural was a way to get thicker healthier hair.

  2. Save yourself some money,  stop paying others to do what you can do for yourself - that biweekly trip to the salon is just not going to happen on a college budget. Spend that money instead on hair products and tools that you can use to style your own hair. Chances are that if your school is anything like mine was, there is not a decent hair salon for about 30 miles, which leads to number 3.

  3. Enlist the help of your friends:  I can't tell you how many times I've done rollersets and braidouts for friends --girl bonding time. Take some ownership and learn how to style your own hair a variety of ways.
  4. Get an on campus hair/style mentor - I met my hair role model randomly on campus. Actually I kind of mentally stalked her for a few months. After being a creep long enough, I saw her at a party and I said, "I love your fro," --instant kinship. (cathydinas.wordpress.com) She had the best twists and twist outs and she ended up being an ill individual.
    Find someone who has a similar hair type to yours. Knowing someone with a similar hair type is very helpful in knowing which products and styles work for you.
  5. Set realistic goals and work towards them --you'll be surprised what you can do when you DIY. Celebrate the little accomplishments. Maybe your goal is that you want to be 100% natural by the time you graduate, or that you want to reach a new length, regardless of your goal know that you can achieve it.
    I gave myself four years to come around and there were setbacks (i.e. relaxer sophomore year) but in the end I had a sizeable fro (more on my transition later). Now, But this is what I looked like for graduation. I pressed my hair for the occasion. 

This is my swagged out graduation photo

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  1. YAY for going natural!! ^.^

    and i agree, college is a good time to do it!

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