Ooh Can I Touch It?


Can I Touch It?

"Can I touch it?" is the most popular question, in my most humble opinion, when it comes to natural hair. I even ask to touch other people's hair. Although, I never ask to touch someones weave. That could be hazardous depending on its condition. I digress. Touching is a learning experience. Through touching someones hair you can find out about its condition and texture. It also satisfies the curiosity of the toucher. And they are very curious. When I let others touch my hair they usually respond with, "It's so soft." Well gee thanks! My 'fro might be the first and last one that someone touches in their lifetime. It feels good knowing that I dispel myths on a semi-daily basis (on good hair days).

Ever so often someone touches my hair without permission. They try to rake their fingers through it, as if it were straight. Upon failure, and subsequent backlash, they might comment that my hair is nappy or that I need a perm. I can't blame them either, that might not be something that they are used to. These people have a lot to learn about hair and I'd be willing to teach if they have an open mind. They should know that raking fingers through a twist-out isn't going to make it look better --it's quite a nightmare.

My brother told me that I'm obsessed with my hair. Maybe I am, but others are pretty interested too.  My natural hair cannot be judged by Euro-centric standards. That's why I take the time to teach people about natural hair.


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  1. i love your blog. very informative and inspiring without being too wordy or preachy. keep writing! you're amazing


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