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The Battle Hymn of the Du Rag

Du-rag with cape and Cartier frames combo (IMNOTATOY.COM)
We have all seen this. We have all seen him. Brother with a du rag. It has been a staple for urban black culture for as long as my 22 year old self can remember. As a young one I never gave the rag much thought. Maybe the young man is trying to maintain his waves or trying to protect one's head from the elements. But now, the rag is the bane of my existence.
Not only does it leave an unsightly horizontal line of demarcation on the wearer's forehead, but it is completely inappropriate for public. The du rag comes in a variety of colors and can be tied a variety of ways. This is perhaps the most iconic way to tie a du rag, cape out -- so 1999. The black one is the most acceptable, as it can be camouflaged. But, what do you do when your boss comes to work in a red du rag? True story. Do I come to work the next day in a "doobie?" with the rainbow Louis Vuitton print? This is not a tat for tat game, there is no winner. Keep 'em in the house, or if you must --leave them in the car or your back pocket. Some mornings I leave my bonnet on for the commute to work but once I get out of the car that bonnet disappears. No one needs to see bedtime So-So. We're off that. I'm not telling you to burn your du rag -- I know you need it. Those waves don't spin themselves --they need assistance. There's a time and place for everything.
Click here for the song "Take My Du-Rag Off?!" from IMNOTATOY.com
Take My Du-Rag Off?!

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