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How to Make it Through the Winter Woes

I live in New England and our winters are brutal. Everyday looks like a Narnia scene, and the meteorologists are saying that this winter will be the coldest winter in a while. No matter how long I've lived here I've never come to enjoy the cold weather. The snow is a nightmare and the ice, even worse. The wind is severe, dry and violent. However, the winter's not all bad. I do like the winter because I don't have to worry about my hair sweating out (if I decide to straighten), but the air dries my hair out and it gets super crunchy and snappy. Protective styles seem to be the way to go this winter (since I did not last winter and I paid for it in breakage/damages) So my options are: wig, full head weave, two strand twists, kinky twist extensions, or single braid extensions. Here are (IMO) the pros and cons of each protective style

Pros: I can take it on and off at any time, less damage, affordable and reusable, can be as diva as you'd like
Cons: looking "wiggy," (AKA not-my-hair anxiety) wig slipping and falling off
Cost: $$-$$$

Full head Weave-
Pros: ultimate protection, attractive, can be as fun and dramatic as you'd like
Cons: risk of traction alopecia and other breakage, too tight, cannot style my hair differently, cost, I also worry about properly treating my scalp and my 'real' hair underneath. Also I have something that I like to call 'not-my-hair anxiety', I feel very uncomfortable wearing hair that wasn't grown out of my scalp. Mainly because I've never done it before.
Cost: $$$

Two strand twists-
Pros: free, quick and easy to do my hair can breathe, no extra hair anxiety
Cons: doesn't last very long before re-twisting and if your hair is long it is still susceptible to damages
Cost: $0

Kinky twists/ Single Braids
Cons: braided too tightly around edges, a nightmare to take out, time to install,
Cost: $$$

I have yet decided on a style for the rest of the winter. The wig or two strand twists might be my best bet.

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