Ooh Can I Touch It?


DC, Chilling

This weekend my brother and I road tripped down to Baltimore to see our cousin and to check out DC. It was his frat's official centennial celebration. It was quite the weekend.

My brother and I at the MLK Memorial

MLK Memorial
"No more o' this shit" @ the African American Cultural exhibit in the Smithsonian

Being a tourist in my Cosby Sweater
   Sometimes brothers have a special way of getting under your skin. Mine said, "you should have actually done your hair --you should have straightened it." -__-  But I DID "do" my hair. I styled my hair in a quick twist out then I pinned it to the top of my head and let it be free. I wanted an easy fun style that would last a few days --perfect for this road trip. He later said that my hair looked like a cockatoo. Sure, my hair is a little wild and crazy, but I don't think it looks undone. A lot of people don't "understand" natural hair styles, and that bothers me.
   Have you ever received criticism about your natural hair style? How did you respond?

Ciao <3


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